How To Make Your Flip Flops and Sandals Fit Tighter

how to make flip flops fit tighter

Whether you're headed to a Caribbean getaway or just down the block (or up the beach) for ice cream, flip flops and sandals are synonymous with summer. Cue the polished floss strap variety seen on It girls at fashion week, to rugged ugly-cool Teva sandals to your favorite pair of worn out plastic thong Havaianas. 

What's also synonymous with warm weather is sweaty feet, which can cause your flip flop sandals to feel slippery inside, become too loose, and slide right off your feet... SO annoying! Thankfully, the internet is full of advice from women who've been there and survived. We've compiled some of their most sensible suggestions and solutions to make your flip flops tighter, or at least stay on your feet. 

Problem: Your Flip Flops are Sliding Off Your Feet

Solution #1: Get some help with the right insoles

Your flip flops and sandals are not very supportive for your moving feet- this is why they hang loose and slide off your feet easily. A good insole will make all the difference in fit and comfort; look for one that fits the length of your sandal, like these Airpufs sandal inserts.

These Airpufs cushion your feet and helps your flip flops fit tighter and more firmly, while providing non-slip grip and traction for the full range of your foot mobility. They are full of air bubbles, which help your feet breathe and stay cool and dry. Bonus points for being anti-bacterial- a nice thing to have in hot weather footwear where sweat can build up.    

Solution #2: Get crafty and DIY your own non-slip flip flop pads

Reddit user MyKindOfLullaby uses this clever hack to keep her flip flops from sliding off her feet: anti-slip drawer liners that she cuts up and sticks to the inside of her sandals. They might not make super loose flip flops fit tighter, but they'll go a long way in reducing the tripping hazard that is slippery flip flops.

We also love how accessible this solution is- these liner mats can be found on Amazon or at your neighbourhood hardware store.

Interested in DIYing a full insole? Check out our article here on how you can have a completely new (and pretty) shoe lining in 15 minutes for for under $5.

Solution #3: Use hairspray to up the "stickiness" of your flip flop sandals

Another home-spun solution for tighter, "gripper" flip flops is hairspray. Advocates for this method advise misting either the soles of your feet right before wearing, or spraying a light coat directly onto the inside of your flip flop. The tackiness of the hairspray works to give much needed traction to the insides of your shoes. This apparently works for your backless loafers, summer sandals and mules as well!   

Solution #4: Use double sided tape

Literally sticking your foot to your feet is what double sided tape does. Simple as this sounds, celebs like Jessica Alba are known to swear by this. This handy trick apparently works wonders for everything from flip flops to too big high heel shoes. 

A word of caution: double sided tape can be VERY sticky, and unlike hairspray that washes off easily- they can seriously damage your shoe's lining. This is less of a concern if you're wearing Havaianas with a rubber sole, and more worrying if you're in leather lined Kate Spade or Tory Burch sandals.

Double sided tape for flip flops

*The extreme stickiness of double sided tape is why we customize all our Airpufs adhesives. Read more about how most store bought insoles come with generic double sided tape, and how a gentler tape is important in helping protect your shoes. 

Solution #5: Deodorant for your feet

If excessive feet sweating- a condition also known as plantar hyperhydrosis- is whats causing your flip flops to slide off your feet, consider using deodorant on your feet. To understand how this can work, deodorants and antiperspirants contain an active ingredient (usually aluminium based) that reacts with electrolytes in your sweat. This creates a thick gel that blocks sweat glands and shrinks your sweat pores.

This is not a long term solution (we advocate aerating feet and letting them breathe freely!), but can be used in combination with any of the methods above to keep your flip flops from sliding off.      

Solution #6: Pad your straps


This handy trick is borrowed from communities of DIYers who love fancying up their flip flops. Increasing the thickness of, and in this case-cloth wrapping- your straps can adjust loose flip flips for a tighter fit. All you need is craft foam cut into strips that allow for wrapping around the straps, gorilla glue for holding said craft foam in place, and an old scarf cut lengthwise in two long strips(one for each sandal obviously). 

1.Thread the fabric through the V of your slip flops, making sure to pull the ends through evenly so both sides have roughly equal lengths of cloth.  

Make slippers fit tighter cloth wrap straps 1

2. Take the ends, and bring them up across in a diagonal position to form an "X". Pull tightly to secure, and start wrapping scarf around the right strap, working downwards.

make flip flops tighter cloth wrap straps 2

3. After reaching the opposite end of the flip flop strap, secure by tying a knot. Repeat the wrapping and securing with the left side.    

How to make flip flops tighter cloth wrap sandals


4. Repeat this set of actions on other sandal. Ta-da! You now have padded, cloth wrapped flip flop sandals that will fit more snugly on your feet. 

cloth wrapped tighter fit flip flop step 4


 I hope you were able to find a solution to making your loose flip flops tighter! I'll be adding to the article whenever I find new and useful tips, so if you have suggestions, definitely share and add them to the comments section!

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