Desert: Rain
Desert: Rain
Desert: Rain
Desert: Rain

Desert: Rain

If the rain is one drop it is a million, cascading in sheets from the sky, cooling the dusty earth. It is the sort that washes everything anew, bringing deep puddles and a fresh richness to each hue.

Airpufs are feather soft, ultra thin insoles cut from a hypoallergenic super foam that takes the pressure off your delicate feet - 20 x more than any generic insole available on the market.
  • AirPufs
    • Cushion and protect feet from the pain of wearing high heels
    • Stop feet from sliding forward in shoes
    • Keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable all day
    • Antibacterial for clean, fresh shoes
    • Removable, try them in different shoes
    • One size fits all
    We individually print each AirPuf, therefore there may be slight variations in the design. 

    AirPufs are very durable, but treat them with care to give them the longest life!

    Colors may fade with age and wear.

    They are gentle on both feet and shoes, but multiple removals are not recommended to keep adhesive sticky.