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These 6 High Heel Inserts Will Supercharge Your High Heel Game

High Heel Inserts Review


Are you tired of the pain in the ball of your foot? Do your feet slip too much forward, or do you suffer from a medical condition like plantar fasciitis? When you start shopping around for high-heel insoles, you need to consider what type of issue you want to get rid of.


Whether you love to wear your 6-inch heels or prefer to walk in lower block heels, you're probably aware of the discomfort that comes with wearing high heels. Thankfully, the best high-heel insoles get designed to alleviate all types of discomfort caused by wearing heels, including blisters, sore foot muscles, and achy joints, while improving your posture.


Another thing to consider is how the insoles fit and if the comfort levels are what you're looking for. We've rounded up the best insoles from various categories, so you don't need to do the research yourself.


Read further to discover which high-heel insoles are the best!


Best for Multiple High Heels: Airpufs High Heels Insoles

 Airpufs inserts for high heels

The Airpufs High Heel Insoles are made for women who cycle between many pairs of heels, from seasonal booties to date night strappy heels to espadrille wedges in the summer. These insoles are replaceable from one shoe to the next, and their contoured shape helps support the feet, reducing stress on the ankles, feet, back, and knees.


These inserts are made from a NASA-invented cloud foam that cradles your feet and absorbs metatarsal pressure, leading to longer pain-free wear time. Their special foam technology makes the insoles very durable and anti-slip.


  • Even in narrow-fitting heels and wedges, the slim fit will not crowd toes, as they are made for all foot types.


    • Bacteria that cause odors are eliminated by the antimicrobial material.


      • High-density foam maintains its shape and provides dependable, lasting comfort.


        Best for Shorter Heel Lengths: Superfeet Easyfit

         Superfeet Easyfit Inserts for high heels


        The Superfeet Easyfit Women's insole is made especially for women's casual, formal, and business shoes, with a heel of one inch or less.


        The insert hugs your arch, relieves forefoot pressure, and minimizes blisters. Even in your slimmest-fitting shoes, Superfeet Easyfit Women's insoles are the ideal solution to revive your feet all day. Don't give up comfort for style; enjoy all-day comfort!


        Many doctors, podiatrists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and professional shoe fitters recommend Superfeet arch supports. Superfeet insoles have been shown to relieve the following foot problems:


        • arch pain
        • heel pain
        • arthritis
        • bunions
        • overpronation
        • plantar fasciitis
        • shin splints


        Experience instant comfort, with no trimming required. The microsuede top is perfect for reducing friction and any rubbing, which helps prevent nasty blisters.


        • Support is available for a period of up to 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first.
        • The insole's slip-resistant construction keeps it in place. Wear it over or under the prefabricated insert that came with your shoe.
        • Don't worry about getting the insoles cleaned, as they're easy to clean!

        Best for Very High Heels: Insolia Vivian Lou

         Vivian Lou Insolia High Heel Insoles

        If you're looking for insoles for skyscraper heels, then Vivian Lou Insolia is what you need! They claim to stop high heel pain by offering pain-free support for 4x longer while wearing high heels. This is every woman's dream come true!


        Vivian Lou Insolia insoles were designed by a podiatrist and engineered by a rocket scientist. Their weight-shifting insoles slightly rotate the heel bone up and back, distributing weight more evenly between the forefoot and heel. In addition, they prevent the feet from slipping forward in shoes.


        • Slim design: With insoles that are less than 7 inches long and 0.5 cm thick, so nothing can get under the forefoot.


        • Invisible resin: Their transparent resin material is virtually invisible in any shoe, making them ideal for open-toed shoes and strappy sandals.


        • Good for posture and other medical issues: The insoles help with posture, and ankle stability, and relieve pressure on the hips, knees, and back by shifting weight to the heel.


        • The insoles are permanently attached to the shoe, preventing them from slipping out of place. One set of permanent insoles are needed for each pair of heels.


        • Comes in various sizes: The insoles are available in sizes 4 to 12 and aren't a one-size-fits-all solution. P, S, M, and L sizes are available.


        • Good for any shoe with a 2-inch heel or higher.


        These insoles claim to improve your body alignment, give you a natural heel-to-toe gait, and reduce leg and lower back fatigue with an extended wear time.


        The weight-shifting insoles from Vivian Lou don't cushion the pressure, but instead, prevent the pressure from occurring. 

        Best for Non-Slip: Killer Heels Comfort

         Killer Heels Comfort High Heel Inserts

        Killer Heels Comfort inserts are high-heeled shoe inserts that stop the foot from moving, preventing pain. They also give cushioning under the ball of the foot.


        The inserts are made up of two components, ensuring a flawless fit and performing as intended. They are the only Poron inserts composed of shaped Poron rather than flat Poron pieces.


        At two points, the design physically prevents the foot from gliding forward. Because there is little space within a high heel shoe, the Killer Heels Comfort inserts must be highly compact while still being sturdy enough to resist hundreds of pounds of pressure without flattening.


        They're small enough to fit entirely underfoot while still stopping the foot from moving laterally and providing cushioning.


        There are two products available for high heels that have 2-inch heels or higher:


        High Heel Shoe Inserts 2" + heels handcrafted, silk Georgette & Polyurethan

        Over a PORON foam core, the handwoven silk covering is 92% pure silk and 8% Spandex. Left and right ball of foot cushion and two arch area front of heel cushions are included in each four-piece set.


        The silk covers stretch in two directions from side to side, allowing the PORON foam inside to be accommodated without wrinkling. The silk does not stretch lengthwise to avoid sagging in use.


        High Heel Shoe Inserts 2" + heels, rebounding Polyurethan, hand finished

        To target the middle metatarsal area of highest pressure, an extra thickness of foam (4.5 mm) is custom-fitted under the center of the ball of the foot. Crowding is avoided by tapering towards the edges.


        A 6 mm ergonomic designed toe grip completely stops forward slide. The toe grip is the smallest region of the ball of the footpad, and its narrowing to the front protects the toes' propulsive and balance functions.

        Best for Budget Foot Comfort: Dr. Scholls Stylish Step

        Dr Scholls Stylish Step Insoles for High Heels 

        There are two Dr. Scholls Stylish Step products available for high heels.


        Dr. Scholl's Stylish Step Soft Cushioning Insoles for High

        These insoles were explicitly designed for women experiencing foot discomfort when wearing high heels. The New Cushion Flex technology arch support lifts weight off your ball of the foot and flexes with every step.


        The insoles help with the relief and prevention of pain from high heels, so you can wear them for longer! The super-soft top cloth keeps your feet cool and dry, and the 3/4 foot length and sleek & slim design won't suffocate your toes or make your shoes seem too snug.


        Dr. Scholl's Stylish Step Ball of Foot Cushions for High Heels 

        The insoles were designed specifically for women experiencing ball of foot pain when wearing high heels.


        • You can wear your favorite high heels for longer, as the insoles relieve and prevent ball of foot pain.
        • Experience all-day comfort with the soft gel that provides cushioning and absorbs shock.
        • Discreet cushions fit perfectly in the tightest of high heels, allowing your feet to stay firmly in place.
        • Scholl's Stylish Step Ball of Foot Cushions prevents toe scrunching and forward slipping of the feet.

        Best for Luxury: Alice Bow

         Alice Bow Insoles for High Heels

        If you're looking for luxurious insoles, then Alice Bow is perfect for you. They're so popular that even Vogue and Vanity Fair had raving reviews!


        Alice Bow insoles were designed with beauty and comfort in mind. Made in London, they are crafted of premium colorful Spanish and Italian leather.


        Without taking too much room in your shoes, the padding keeps its bounce, providing comfort all day long. Alice Bow insoles are uniquely designed and shaped in the front, allowing you to wear them in open or closed-toe shoes. There are sticky double-sided adhesives in certain areas to keep your insoles in place.


        If you're a bride-to-be, you can relax and not worry about aching feet from dancing with your loved ones all night long! Alice Bow's "Something Blue" Wedding Insoles provide all-day wedding comfort for brides. These insoles were designed to be extra thin, making them invisible from all your wedding day photos!


        The wedding insoles come in a light shade of blue, making them complementary to your white, cream-colored, or any colored high heels.


        Their gorgeous variety of Italian-colored leathers is complemented with high-quality padding that retains its bounce.


        A bonus is if you buy their "Something Blue" Wedding Insoles, a lucky silver sixpence is included in every bridal order.

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