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NASA Engineered Comfort for Heels

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Cloud insoles for extra spring and cool comfort in each step

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Kryz Uy

"These babies are lifesavers, and how I last in heels! Besides, you never know when a Cinderella moment might happen- so its best to be prepared."

Audrey Tom

I'm utterly impressed that I danced in heels for an hour after walking around in them for several, and didn't even think about throwing off my shoes ASAP in the car!

Stephanie Soo

"The best thing is being able to wear heels through the day with no midday regret! Also, they're antibacterial, so if your feet get a little sweaty, its a-OK"


Jeanette Johnson

"These cute insoles are about to change your shoe game forever, Wear them to a wedding to dance the night away, or for those long work days on your feet"

Press Accolades

Magic in your first step

From sweet little stars to delicate florals to art deco clouds, our insoles add luxurious comfort and a little bit of fairy dust to your shoes and high heels. Wear them for a spring in your step, and as a reminder that magic and adventure waits around the corner. 

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What fellow shoe lovers say

Wonderfully comfortable shoe cushions- and so beautiful to look at too! LOVE them! Already ordered my next pair. 

-Sarah McLean. Hove, UK

l'll start by saying I hate heels, and I hate when my feet hurt. But these insoles are fabulous, they're thin but the cushioning is wonderful. My feet are so happy. I'm going to buy more heels today (don't tell my husband).

-Melissa Hale. Vienna, VA

These are beautiful, and the cushion is the best I've ever found. I hate the way my feet hurt when I wear heels, but these insoles are game changers.

- Sabra Woody. Midland, TX

Discover Comfort for High Heels

NASA Engineered Comfort For Heels

Invented by NASA and used on the International Space Station, our super foam insoles are engineered for durablity and soft springiness- they softly cushion your feet and never lose their bounce.

You're walking on clouds

Weight on your feet = pressure = pain. Our cure for that? Millions of hardworking bubbles that absorb the impact of each step, and lift the pressure off your feet. When you're in Airpufs insoles, you're literally walking on air.

Ahh... the relief!

Walk in Airpufs and feel the difference. Our insoles pad your foot in luxurious softness from ball to heel, preventing your feet from sliding forward. At only 3mm thick, there's plenty of room left for toes. 

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