We're on a mission – AirPufs High Heel Insoles

We're on a mission

Airpufs Founder Chai Yong

Meet Chai, founder of AirPufs and former long time stewardess. Chai would wear heels all day - and night - depending on how many time zones she was crossing.

Aching feet and the drive to find a solution to her - and every girl's - dilemma, Chai came across a material fit to solve all of her problems. Using her stewardess colleagues and friends as guinea pigs, she soon realized she had something hot on her hands. 

AirPufs' secret material is a hypoallergenic foam that is 20 x more shock absorbent than any generic material used by mass market brands. Compare AirPufs and other leading manufacturers, although they may be similar in shape and thickness, AirPufs will prove to be more bouncy and offer more comfort than any insole you have ever tried. 

Featured and tested by many style editors and fashionistas, AirPufs will rekindle your romance with your most beautiful and uncomfortable heels. 

Go ahead, walk on clouds.